Communication planning

After establishing the strategies that will promote positive change enablers, and having understood the level of commitment within the organization, Service Transition must ensure that there is a detailed communications plan that will target information where it will be most effective.

When announcing information during a Service Transition change, the following considerations should be made for each statement you need to communicate:

Figure 5.1 shows an overview of the key elements for consideration when planning for effective communication.

Figure 5.1 Example of communications strategy and plan contents

To ensure that a communication strategy is effective, surveys and measures should be determined for regular monitoring. This will take the form of feedback from those people that have had any communication. It should Communication planning also include how people are feeling on their ‘change cycle’ to establish that the target is right. At this point there may be individuals that are identified that should have more personal contact from the Service Transition Team in order for them to achieve an acceptable state.

To obtain an appreciation of the sequence of events, a communication path diagram such as the one shown in Figure 5.2 helps the planning of the communication process.

Figure 5.2 Example communication path

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